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Made by Love Notes Restyle Studio

Bear Bento Boxes

We’ve been seeing lots of Bento Boxes floating around and were inspired by Meijo’s Joy Easy Bear Bento. We decided to build our own version. 

How did we do it you ask? Here’s a slight breakdown…

Bear Bento Breakdown

Bear Bento Breakdown

Salad contained:

  • Carrot hearts – inspired by this pin via CraftBits & CraftGossip
  • Star shape apple piece – inspired by this pin via Elandria At Sea. We used a star shaped cookie cutter
  • Zucchini Tots – inspired by this pin by raylynntexas, via Flickr

Bear consists of:

  • Tomato rice (Omurice) – inspired by this pin via christinesrecipes.com – this is for the main face of the bear
  • Spam – sliced and fried then cut in half to make the main part of the ear. We stuck it into the rice with uncooked spaghetti
  • Scrambled egg – for the inside of the ears and face
  • Hand-cut Nori – for the eyes, nose and mouth

Tomorrow we’ll give you the recipes for the Zucchini Tots and the Tomato Rice (Omurice). It took about 1.5 hours all together to get it all together and was so much fun to create.

The most important piece to this post is that Amour’s niece and nephew loved their  bento box – huge success!

The kids and their Bento Boxes

The kids and their Bento Boxes

Have you ever made a bento box? This was probably one of our proudest moments with cooking as it was so satisfying and quite easy to do 🙂

Take care, until next time…keep restyling!