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This post is a little late – but here goes!

Last Sunday we stocked up on some supplies at our local Salvos. We got there 5 minutes before the store opened and sat in the car eagerly waiting for the doors to open. We were so excited to see what was on offer and it ended up taking us about 15 minutes to walk through the doors – there was so much fun stuff to look at!

First things first – here’s their location – 183 Prospect Highway, Seven Hills NSW Australia. This place is huge, after 2 hours, we didn’t get through the whole store!

We were so stuck with our noses in different things that we forgot to take photos of the store so that we could share them with you…so instead…Here are some of our purchases…

Op-shopping Funess

more purchases…

We can’t wait to make lots of fun and exciting stuff with our stash – so we’ll keep you posted. Tomorrow is garage sale hopping day for Amour and her little sis Jade. We’ll take lots of photos so we can virtually take you with us!

Take care, until next time…keep restyling!