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Made by Love Notes Restyle Studio

Jasmine in her T’s


Normally we would do this type of restyle on something second hand. Due to being so busy over the holiday period we just got the Tshirt from Kmart. These basic Tshirts were only $3 each! Say it with me – BARGAIN!


Original Tee from Kmart

Original Tee from Kmart


The first one was embellished with Burnt Flowers made from pajama pants. The same pajama pants were previously used in our PJ restyle.


The second one was printed in an ombre style whilst using a paper doily as a stencil. We did this previously in the baby white T restyle.


We think Jasmine loves how they turned out! Her mummy loves them too πŸ™‚


Made by Love Notes Restyle Studio

T shirt Restyle


Tell us about any Tshirt restyles you have done. We’d love to be inspired by your ideas!


Take care, until next time…keep restyling!