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We tried two versions of this lovely tarty drink back on New Year’s eve.

Grape and Gin Goodness...

Grape and Gin Goodness…


Version 1

  • 500g green seedless grapes
  • 3 x limes
  • 3 x lemons
  • 1.5 cups gin
  • 1.25 litres lemon lime sparkling mineral water
  • 300ml tonic water
  • ice


  • remove grapes from stems and wash
  • place grapes in bag and freeze until solid
  • slice 1 x lime and 1 x lemon
  • juice 2 x lime and 2 x lemon
  • blend frozen grapes
  • add all to jug with gin, tonic and mineral water
  • add ice to serve
Pretty summer cocktail...

Pretty summer cocktail…

This was delicious but got a bit too much after a few so we ended up trying version 2 – which we preferred!


Version 2

  • It’s exactly like version one – but swap out the 1.25 litres lemon lime sparkling mineral water with 1.25 litres soda water

We prefer our cocktails with just a hind of flavour hence in the end version 2 won out of the two.

How do you prefer your cocktails? Packed with flavours or light and refreshing?

Please share your favourite cocktail recipe with us – we’d love to give it a try.

Take care, until next time…keep restyling!

Amour & Renee xx