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Made by Love Notes Restyle Studio

Lemon and Thyme Salt Scrub

This time we tried a salt scrub. At some point we saw this one somewhere but we couldn’t find it anywhere to reference in this post 😦 Our previous successful experiments have been Vanilla Sugar Scrub and a Natural Hair and Scalp Treatment. We found that the textures differed between the sugar and the salt. The sugar felt more like wet sandy mud whilst this salt scrub was drier and rougher. Now this doesn’t mean the salt scrub wasn’t any good – it was great on the more tougher parts of the body like feet, elbows and legs.

All that you need...

All that you need…

1 cup rock salt (not the big chunky pieces or the really fine stuff – something in between)
1/2 cup almond oil
Zest of one lemon
6 sprigs thyme leaves stripped

– pour salt in a bowl
– add lemon zest and bruised thyme leaves
– pour in oil and mix

The almond oil we used was purchased from Health and Happiness. Check out their website (it’s on their Facebook page) as well they have so much education on natural products – there’s also heaps of DIYs! Please do not disturb us – we are now very busy 😉 just kidding – but seriously please check them out!

Another body scrub that we adore! We are totally loving making our own beauty products. Have you got many recipes you can recommend to us? Please do tell us about them.

Take care, until next time…keep restyling!

Amour & Renee xx