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Last weekend I set off on a road trip to Orange (3.5 hours drive from Sydney). I love road trips!

The road ahead...

The road ahead…

Growing up in Alice Springs, we had to go on a huge road trip just to get to the next town. As an only child, I was lucky because I got the whole back seat to myself, well, I shared it with the esky, the thermos, the Tupperware box full of crockery and cutlery, the pillows, blankets, akubras and Dad’s rifle. My dad was a pilot and didn’t like flying if he wasn’t in control of the air plane so all our family holidays involved days and days of driving.

I’ve pretty much seen all of Australia, which is something I’m very grateful for now I’m an adult. As a child though, it was boring because you couldn’t play eye spy (R for red dirt and D for dead animal got old pretty quickly). So I would put on my Walkman and lose myself in my favourite songs.

My favourite part of a road trip now (some 25 years later) is still the music. These days I always go on road trips by myself. I think the only person I could possibly share a car with for hours on end would be Amour, mainly because she is the only person I know with taste in music as unpredictable as mine.

Five iPods

Five iPods (Photo credit: mcwetboy)

Here’s what was on my iPod for my last trip:

As you can see it’s a pretty eclectic mix – What’s your must have music for a road trip? Please share it with us…

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