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Made by Love Notes Restyle Studio

Mango Pandan

Today is Australia Day here in the land of the green and gold Oz.

English: Australian rules football jumper, gre...

English: Australian rules football jumper, green and gold with mudlarks logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To celebrate we decided to do an Aussie twist to the Filipino dessert Buko Pandan. Buko Pandan is a creamy dessert with fresh coconut, condensed milk and flavoured with Pandan. What is pandan? I guess you could say it’s Asia’s version of vanilla.

Our Aussified version of this Filipino dessert classic is the Mango Pandan – basically we substitute the fresh coconut with juicy sweet Australian mangoes! Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!!!

– 1 x can Asian green jelly grated (see picture below)
– 1 x tub Philadelphia dessert cream (alternatively some thickened cream will do the same thing)
– 1 x tablespoon condensed milk
– 1 x teaspoon Pandan (see picture below)
– 2 x large mangoes diced

Green Jelly and Pandan

Green Jelly and Pandan

– Gently mix jelly, cream and mangoes together
– Add condensed milk
– Add pandan
– Gently combine to distribute the green colour of the pandan
– Adjust amount of condensed milk and pandan to your taste

Be warned this is a very sweet dessert to be had in small doses. But geez it’s a delicious ‘sometimes’ food πŸ™‚

Enjoy! Happy Australia Day!