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Issy's Fruit Tea

Issy’s Fruit Tea – in a pot

Issy is my friend’s daughter, she is also my friend. She is absolutely, no doubt, my favourite 16 year old. Issy inspires me to be myself and to be creative.

Every time I see this gorgeous girl she is making something new and wearing something effortlessly cool. Today, she had made fruit tea.

Issy’s fruit tea

  • Handful of mint leaves – oven dry for 15 minutes
  • 2 oranges, 1 lemon, 1 baby fennel, Ginger (to taste) – oven dry for 45 minutes
  • Store bought dried craisons, apple, apricot, added to oven mix 10 mins before end.
  • Mix in jar and add stick of cinnamon and the contents of 2 camomile tea bags.
Issy's Fruit Tea - even the puppy wants some...

Issy’s Fruit Tea – even the puppy wants some…


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