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Blueberry Ice Candy

In the Philippines, ice candy is a popular dessert. Best way to describe it is that it is a homemade creamy icy pole.

Buko Ice Candy from Busog! Sarap!

Buko Ice Candy from Busog! Sarap!

Normally it is made with milk, sugar and some sort of fruit – mangoes, coconut, avocados – anything! Today’s version I made especially for my niece, Mischa. Mischa has a few allergies so this version was made with this in mind.

What you need?

The Process

The Process

What you do?

  • Put a small saucepan onto a medium heat – add the blueberries and the raw sugar
  • Cook until the sugar has dissolved – the blueberries will start to release it’s water
  • Keep cooking until the syrup thickens up a little
  • Set aside to cool
  • Add in the rice milk
  • Pour into ice candy plastic bags – or any type of icy pole moulds
  • Freeze until solid
  • Enjoy – nom nom nom!

Mischa was my little helper for this project – she particularly loved it when we were cooking down the blueberries because I used the wooden spoon to apply the blueberry syrup as lipstick on her lips – hehehe!

Do you have any special icy pole recipes that you could share with us? It’s super HOT here in Australia – so any excuse to help us cool down would be great!

Take care, until next time…keep restyling!

Amour xx