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Happy Monday! Last week we had posted a vintage turquoise jumper/sweater.

Sweater Project

This is how we restyled it.

This also covers our # 8 and #9 for the Pinteresting challenge – Pin It and Do It Challenge.

For Pinteresting challenge #8 – neck cushion restyle – we were inspired by this pin and here’s our end result – so cozy!

Neck Cushion Restyle

For Pinteresting challenge #9 – sweater bracelet restyle – we were inspired by this pin and here’s our end result – it’s just too cute! We did a few but only pictured one of them.

Sweater Bracelet Restyle

Now it’s time for a new inspiration. This week it’s the pin from Amour’s wedding bouquet.. You just gotta love the bling and we want to see it used again in a new way.

Wedding Brooch Restyle Project

What do you think we should restyle it into? Where do we start? Inspire us…

Take care, until next time…keep restyling!