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Happy Hump Day! It’s Amour here – I’m busy packing my suitcase and hand luggage in preparation for my flight tomorrow to the Philippines. I’ve got to get to sleep soon cause it’s a 4am wake up call in the morning…booo!

So since my handbag was looking so lovely and organised I thought I’d share with you the contents….Just so you know it weighs a tonne!

Amour's 'Saks' Handbag

Filled with all my essentials….

Now when you open up my The Sak handbag there are two items (btw my mummy bought me this bag at a garage sale for $5!):

So the pouch holds my purple Sony Cyper-shot (Carl Zeiss T99) camera and it’s charger. I just gotta keep it safe in the cutest way possible! If you don’t know me I’m a typical asian with a camera *snap snap snap* I guess I’m just Amourazzi – hmmmm I think I just found myself a new nickname!

Little Twin Stars Pouch

Holds my camera and it’s charger…

And then we come to my bag organiser – looks deceivingly light and empty – but it lies…

Cherryblooms Bag Organiser

Cherryblooms Bag Organiser

Well here are its contents!

Contents of my Bag Organiser

Hmmm I wonder if i can fit anything else in there…

  1. Bag Organiser – from Cherryblooms
  2. Kindle e-Reader – I’m reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
  3. My notebook – for jotting down ideas and the odd doodling
  4. Passport holder – from Urban Originals
  5. My passport – can’t leave home without this one!
  6. My iPhone 4s – This is my Australia phone and I seriously don’t know how I ever lived without this little beauty!
  7. myphone swarovski phone – This is my Philippines phone, so that my hubby can text me without the nasty international rates
  8. Fold-able fan – from the Philippine Eagle Farm in Davao City, Philippines – it’s really hot in the Philippines so I gotta keep my cool somehow 🙂
  9. Hand sanitiser – Tuberose & Jasmine from Nougat London
  10. Hand cream – Tuberose & Jasmine from Nougat London
  11. Eclipse chewy mints – for minty freshness
  12. Sorbent clean & fresh wipes – cause you just never know when you need ’em
  13. Lucas’ Papaw Ointment – best stuff in the whole wide world!
  14. Ummmm kinda missed this number – oops sorry 14
  15. Indisalon Nutrition Nail Spa  – by Etude House – to keep my nail cuticles in check. Check out their stuff – it’s full of girly goodness!
  16. Pen – for all that jotting and doodling and filling out immigration and customs paperwork
  17. Nail file – cause I always break a nail when travelling – actually I already broke most of my nails just packing the suitcase – bah!
  18. Purse – I don’t know who it is made by but I bought it at SM when I was living in the Philippines
  19. Keys – 2 for house, 1 for work
  20. Handbag holder – these things are great – you clip it to the table and your handbag hangs off it – mine has a peacock on it
  21. Mirror – to make sure I’m still pretty or have food in my teeth – and it’s got a pretty elephant on it
  22. Hair comb – by Paganini – these are great, no matter how tangled my hair is it easily gets the knots out. The metal bristles spin as you comb – trust me it’s great!

So that’s it – Amour’s handbag! This went way longer than it was meant to – but was so much fun! Hope you enjoyed it too 🙂

What’s some of the items you just have to have in your handbag?

Amour xx