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Hi everyone – it’s Renee here for this post.

Many years ago, my friends and I would play ‘The handbag game’. All us girls would rummage around our handbags, searching for things starting with each letter of the alphabet. The girl with the most letters won. It was a completely pointless game, but it entertained us during many boring moments, waiting for public transport, a round of drinks or filling lapses in conversation.

Renee's Handbag Game

Renee’s Handbag Game

So today I played ‘The handbag game’ with my work bag…..

I’m pleased to find that 10 years later, my bag no longer holds many of the questionable items it used to, however I clearly haven’t learned how to tidy my bag out regularly.

Here’s my list (some creative licence allowed):

  1. Apple phone case
  2. Black scarf
  3. Cough drops
  4. Drugs (completely legal and boring I’m afraid)
  5. Eclipse gum
  6. Fan
  7. Green nail polish
  8. Hair clips, ties and pins
  9. Inhaler
  10. Jupiter saxophone mouthpiece
  11. Keys
  12. Lip gloss
  13. Max Factor lipstick
  14. Napolean Perdis powder compact
  15. Orange nail polish
  16. Pencil case
  17. Quick fix instrument repair kit
  18. Rhythm restoration business cards
  19. Sunglasses
  20. Triangle beater
  21. Used spoon
  22. Vandoren reeds
  23. Wallet
  24. Xtra pens and pencils
  25. Yellow post it notes
  26. Zovirax

Have a great day everyone!

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