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Hi everyone!

It’s Amour here today for this post. I’m now in Davao City, Philippines for work. So while I’m here my husband and I went to check out the local Gaisano Ukay-ukay.

Love Notes Restyle Studio

Gaisano Ukay-ukay

So what is Ukay-ukay – you might be asking? It is a Filipino provincial term meaning ‘to mix up’. Here is the definition straight from Urban Dictionary“a term used for places that sell secondhand goods (such as clothing, shoes, bags, furniture, etc.) at dirt cheap prices usually shipped from the US Salvation Army to third world countries like the Philippines.”

When we got there it was still daylight but within 10 minutes the dark had crept in. This made it harder to dig around cause there wasn’t much lighting. Plus I had to be careful where I stepped as there were random holes and cement blocks in my path!

Love Notes Restyle Studio

The ukay-ukay…

For under $10 AUD I was able to get 12 items – all t-shirts and singlets for restyling later.

Love Notes Restyle Studio

The ukay-ukay purchases

Take care, until next time…keep restyling!

Love Notes Restyle Studio